Saturday, December 31, 2011

What to Wear this NY Eve

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How to Wear a Corset or Bra as a Top
Rihanna in a corset and ripped jeans

Always the trendsetter, Rihanna is often spotted rocking a corset or bra as a top. Nobody does it better. Of course rock-stars can get away with wearing styles that are more outrageous than most of us. But you can wear this trend if you follow a few rules:

1. If you are wearing a bra as a top, wear a high-waisted pant or skirt to cover your bellybutton. Less midruff will show, and it will appear more classy than hoochy.

2. When wearing a bustier or bra as a top, throw on a blazer or sweater as a cover-up. You can leave it open in the front, but the outfit definitely needs an extra piece so it looks like you didn’t just forget your shirt.

3. Small to average sized breasts can easily pull this look off. If you have large breasts consider wearing a bra with the corset, so you have the extra coverage and support. Don’t show more than 3 or 4 inches of cleavage!

If you have any other suggestions, I would love to hear them! Leave them in the comments section. Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

And The Winner Is....

Thank you to all who entered, participated or spread the word about our $500 Lingerie Make-Under Make-Over Contest! Our winner's entry was super-creative and entertaining. Tragically, the last sexy underpants she acquired were from her mother! The winner is Haley and you can click here to watch her video submission. 
Stay tuned in January to watch her make-over!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Give Her the Slip this Christmas

More gift ideas from Bellefleur- the perfect chemise...

Paris Satin Doll Stretch Silk Satin Chemise-Black w/Pink (SD36)

Mary Green Silk slip with sheer lace inserts $124 (black, silk kimono robe available $122)
Cosabella see-through black chemise $105
Cosabella Chemise (see-through, red with matching g-string) $112 – Matching robe (sheer red- not shown) $115

Silk see-through print chemise$124 (has matching robe $158)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Lingerie For Her This Holiday

More gift ideas now in stock at Bellefleur:
Blush Corset  $69
Claudette Sheer Hot Pink bra $52 and bikini $18
Mary Green Sleep Mask $20
Cosabella one size fits most thong $18 in a variety of colors
Slipper in Pink
Mary Green Slippers $32

PJ Salvage leopard print super-soft sleep pants $55

PJ Salvage snuggle-approved robe $90
Stripe Nightshirt in Navy
PJ Salvage CUTE sleep shirt $52
Maison Close garter dress $85
Coming soon....

<em>Blush</em> Rapture <em>Bralette</em>
Blush bralette  $46 & matching knicker $35 

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Naughty or Nice? You Choose.

Lots of WONDERFUL gifts for her at Bellefleur. Naughty or Nice? You pick!

Naughty: Maison Close garter body $85

Nice (and Sweet!) PJ Salvage Robe $90

Monday, November 28, 2011

Enter to Win Bellefleur's $500 Lingerie Make-Under Make-Over Contest!

Watch the video to find out exactly how to enter the Bellefleur Lingerie $500 Make-Over!

1. All videos must be 2 minutes or less and submitted prior to midnight, December 4, 2011
2. Applicants must live in the greater Seattle area and supply their own transportation
3. By entering this contest, you agree to be filmed before/during/after the make-over, so we can show the world the new you! (Don't worry, the new you doesn't have to flash everyone in your underwear. We will film based on your comfort level.)

Be creative! Be entertaining! Submit your video via url link in the comments section below with your email address. If you don't have access to video, you can enter the contest with a two-paragraph essay in the comments section. Contest winner will be announced before December 12th. Actual makeover and shopping spree will take place in January (New Year - New You!).
Good luck!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Lingerie Fashion Show

If any of you have ever wondered what it is like to attend a lingerie fashion show in NY, here is a little taste for you!

PS My husband is brainwashed-- he actually commented that he couldn't believe he was actually looking at the lingerie (instead of the girls:)


Thursday, October 6, 2011

Friday, September 9, 2011

Are YOU attracted to YOU - How Lingerie Can Lead to Self Love

A lot of women see lingerie as a means to an end: sex.

We all know that buying sassy lingerie can help spice-up your love-life. However, what about wearing lingerie to enhance your relationship with yourself? Eh?

Have you thought about how you treat yourself? What message are you sending yourself with your lingerie? Even if you are currently single--or not wanting to attract anyone at the moment--that's okay! How about attracting you to, ahem, yourself?

I am not talking about turning yourself on--I mean how do you feel when you put on your underwear in the morning? Inspired? Dreading the day? Numb? Excited about what the day will bring?

Consider paying a little more attention to yourself. Maybe lingerie isn't typically your thing, but just experiment for a week: pick out your lingerie in the morning as carefully as you pick out your clothes. Whether they match or not, wear something that suits your mood. Just have a positive intention about your body, femininity, and your underwear! That self care will turn in to confidence.

Confidence = sexy.

If you have any inspired stories about lingerie, please leave one below in the comment section!

xoxo Jen

Lingerie Therapy at Bellefleur Lingerie

Want to know what it's like to work with Jen at Bellefleur Lingerie? Well, here you go. This video will eventually be posted on our website, but I couldn't wait! Here's a little something I like to call--Lingerie Therapy. Enjoy!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Simone Perele Estrella Set = Wow!

The fall 2011 collections have officially begun to arrive at Bellefleur. While I don't feel quite finished with summer yet, I can tell you that this is my absolute favorite time of year for lingerie. The fall and winter collections are exquisite. The designers bring their "A-game" this season, because men and women alike tend to buy the most detailed, lacy and delicate numbers when the weather turns chilly. I think it is because we can hide whatever we want under our 3 layers of clothing here in the Pacific Northwest. I am looking forward to ditching my practical summer bras for something lacy and impractical. Gimme.
Simone Perele Estrella bra: $110
Shorty: $65
Thong (not pictured): $50

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Braless Wonders

I was recently interviewed for Women's Health Magazine about the practicalities of going braless. My first response was don't do it! Believe me, if you go sans bra long enough, your breast can resemble funnel-cakes (and not the tasty kind that someone will stand in line for). We have all seen National Geographic! In other cultures, women do not wear bras. And indeed, their breasts show the wear-and-tear from years of freedom.

Of course you can occasionally go without underwire support. Even I enjoy my summer days with a skimpy top and no bra (thank you petite breasts). But there are rules, people! Okay, maybe there aren't really rules, but there should be

Going braless is a choice we all confront at some point in our lives. Be it that new low-back dress we are dying to wear, or that plunging neckline that nothing can hide under, fashion often dictates a bra work-around. So, here are some solutions for going bra-free:

1. Wear a soft, lace bra without underwires: Often called a bralet, these pieces mimic a half-camisole and will add style to any flowy, summer dress rather than detract from it. Some bralets and bandeau styles (with no straps) are actually supportive through a D cup.
2. Nipple covers/pasties: Available in simple, nude silicone and in bright, colorful shapes, you can have fun with this accessory. Pasties work best when you are wearing something fitted on top that provides a little support, but you just  don't want to nip-out through your top. I love Nippies for their colorful, fun, heart-shaped nipple covers. Perfect for a date night or event where you may have a wardrobe malfunction. You can spot Rhianna (pictured) and other celebs flashing their Nippies on purpose.
3. Tape 'em up!: There is special pre-shaped tape that you can buy to stick the girls up! There is a wide variety of stick on bras available. I like Sexy In Seconds strapless support pads (pictured above) because they are individual "pads" that adhere to each breast. The u-shape holds up each breast and can also create a bit of cleavage. These work through a C cup.
4. If you are a small A/B cup- you have my blessing to go braless!
5. If you are over a D cup, please, please, I beg of you, wear a strapless bra that FITS properly. I have seen so many beautiful, busty ladies this summer wearing a strapless bra that is too small for them. This causes the breasts to bulge out the sides, top, and sometimes bottom of the bra. It ruins the entire outfit. Embrace your girls and buy a strapless bra in the right size- and you will  look dynamite! Le Mystere makes phenomenal strapless bras that actually hold you  up. If you want to truly go without a bra, look for halter style dresses with thicker fabric and a secure tie behind your neck. JCrew makes some fabulous halter dresses that are sexy and supportive.

What do you think about going braless? Share your thoughts below!


Thursday, July 21, 2011

Love Circus by Aubade

Aubade has outdone themselves this time. The new Love Circus is so beautiful, I can't stop staring at it! The embroidered floral print bra has elements of polka dots and lurex running through it. The deep blues and purples will flatter any skin tone, while the beautiful demi cup rounds the breast to perfection. This collection is pure art!

In stock now at Bellefleur. Bra $129 Thong $75 Short $109

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Essentials on Video!

If you have ever wondered what you are missing from your lingerie wardrobe, watch this! Discover the 10 Essential Pieces of Lingerie that every girl should own- video style! Yes, there is a model included:)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

CLO Intimo Arrives at Bellefleur

Welcome CLO Intimo, the newest line to arrive at  Bellefleur. CLO is all hand made in Columbia, specializing in soft, wearable lace shorts and sheer, sexy mesh soft bras. CLO lingerie is the kind you can sleep in, then throw some clothes over and go out for coffee. Wearable, adorable, affordable. Ask for CLO next time you visit Bellefleur!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The 10 Lingerie Essentials Every Girl Should Own

It's not rocket science, but you would be surprised by how many lovely ladies don't have the appropriate undergarments to make it through the four seasons. If you stock your lingerie drawer with these items, you will never have a situation where you don't have the right thing to wear "under there".

1 Nude t-shirt bra: As much as I love to berate people for overusing this item, it is a must. The nude contour-cup bra will disappear under everything white and light.

2 Convertible/Strapless bra: Please, remove your straps if they are nude and don't need to be on display. Show off your blouse/shirt, instead. That is how God wants it. She told me.

3 Black lace bra & matching panty: This is the little black dress of your lingerie drawer; you will always find a need to pull it out and put it on--be it a date, an interview or a trip to the market. (feng shui that lingerie, baby!) The rule is to keep it sheer and lacy.

4 Date night bra & panty set: Think colorful, think details, think ornate. Do not wear padding on the 3rd date. The padding is not what he is after. Trust me.

5 Nude microfiber thong: Commando makes the BEST microfiber, invisible thong. You can wear it under almost anything. White maxi dress, white shorts, paper thin trousers--YES YOU CAN!

6 Camisole: Have a snug-fitting cami on hand to layer under anything that is see-through, too short, or when too much cleavage is showing up at the wrong time.

7 Hosiery - black tights & sheer hosiery: You should own a pair of black tights (duh) and a pair of sheer, preferably nude, hosiery. If you can't stand nude hosiery, buy nude fishnets, or nude thigh-highs with seams up the back to feel a little more va-va-va-voom.

8 Bias cut slip/chemise: This is a must have to throw on under transparent dresses in the summer. This piece will also make the perfect nighty for sleepovers--"What, this old thing? Yep, that's just how I roll...."

9 Shapewear/control device: Keep a pair of Spanx or control-tops on hand in case you buy something clingy and don't want to show off all the junk in your trunk, muffin-top, etc.

10 Robe: People, do not wear your sweatshirt 'round the house. Wear a robe. It is classier! You can find lots of kimono-style robes that have shorter sleeves so you can still cook, type and drink wine without dipping your sleeves in anything.

I will have the webinar of this lesson up shortly for those of you who prefer a good talkin' to online. Till then!

PS This list is from my book Underneath It All, a girl's guide to buying, wearing and loving lingerie. Check it out!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

LA Face with an Oakland Booty

"Oh my gosh, Becky, look at her butt...'s just so big, it's just so round!"

Bless Sir Mix A Lot for making the big booty appreciated by ALL! You must admit, there is nothing quite like a nice, big, juicy butt.
Those of you who attended the Forbidden fashion show last weekend at the SAM, were, no doubt, in awe of the models' back-sides. One model, in particular, had a derriere that defied the laws of gravity. One of my customers who attended the event (shout out to S.H.) was recently in the shop speaking affectionately about this model's wonderfully round caboose. She was saying that she couldn't stop thinking about the model's butt. She was joking that she wants to take it home and use it as a pillow. I think she was joking? But maybe not!
Yes, indeed, there is nothing wrong with some junk in the trunk. These days, it is celebrated, not shunned. So ladies- shake what your Mama gave you. No use hiding it, your booty is here to stay.

Scientific question for y'all. Are you a butt or boob lady/dude? Why?

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Booty-Tested & Booty-Approved

Hipster $14

Thongs $12

I will admit to being a bit of a panty snob. When you can wear the best, you do! I typically wear Hanky Panky thongs or matching bottoms (to my top) during the day, and switch to boy shorts at night for sleeping (much to my Hubby's disappointment). If you like comfortable, cute and affordable (yes! $) you will love, love, love our new Panty Bar one size fits most panties. I am calling them "light as air" because that is how they feel. They have a snug, low fit, but work well on petite and grande booties alike. The thong is $12, the hipster (which is a cheeky fit) is $14. We just got them in stock in LOTS of colors, including black and nude (staples). Swoop in and pick a few up next time you are in Fremont!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I Love You Man and Dude Don't Buy THAT!

I have to admit something: I have a crush on my (collective) male customers. I love that my boys chat with me about their gal's habits (good and bad), share with me that they are trying for baby #2 (yay!!)--or that, due to baby #2, the mrs. isn't showing any love. Sigh. I love you guys!

I am here for you all to guide you in making the RIGHT selection for the right occasion. For example, I recently had a young man enlist me for help choosing lingerie for his wife-to-be. He thought lingerie would make a nice wedding present. So, upon going down the list of his wants, her needs, etc. it came out that this was his first lingerie purchase for her (awesome!). Then it came out that he wanted a nips-out bra (not awesome!). Here is the deal, dudes, if you are making your very first lingerie purchase for your lady, do not buy anything that is 1) slutty or 2) kinky. Now, there is absolutely nothing wrong with slutty or kinky lingerie--if that is your thing, go for it! However, if this is your first gift of undergarments, you want to relay a level of adoration and respect for your sweetie, not hoochy mama slash stripper fantasy.

So, here is the truth. Buy her something classy and sexy. You can find lots of beautiful, lacey, sheer numbers that will delight you both. Better to be safe than sorry (seriously) when giving the gift of lingerie.

For y'all working on baby #2 (or 3), it is an entirely different story. You can be as creative as you want to be, with my full support.

PS Did you know that Bellefleur offers personal shopping via phone? You nab her sizes, ring us 206-545-0222, we pick and ship. She will swoon and give you a fashion show. We will give you all the credit!



Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Are You in a Nude T Shirt Bra Coma? Snap Out of It!

Okay, really, I don't haaate nude t shirt bras. In fact, the first bra I ever bought that cost more than 60 bucks was a nude t shirt bra. I remember that Ryan (my hubby) was so shocked that I bought a nude bra, he actually kind of thought it was sexy. Weird, huh? So, that lasted a couple months, until he noticed that the "new" bra was taking over as my daily driver bra. "Um, are you wearing that bra, again?" Yup. It's nude. It goes under anything. It's worn in. You bet I am wearing it!

Here lies the rub. It is a great invention--the nude, contour-cup bra that makes your girls look perfectly round and non-nipply under your knit shirt, top, what have you. But, and this is a big but (I know a big but when I see one), you do not have to wear that bra under everything you own. You do NOT. You just don't need to. In fact, when you slip in to the nude t shirt bra coma, wearing it day-in and day-out, regardless of your clothing, it is almost like you are on auto pilot. You don't even consider what you are going to wear under there. You just grab the same ol' bra, knowing it will do the trick, no matter what.

Never mind your perfectly good black lace bra, or your fancy polka-dot bra you bought on sale that was sooooo cute and you feel sooooo cute wearing. You aren't wearing those. You are wearing nude. I am here to slap you out of your nude t shirt bra coma. Snap out of it ! (Picture Cher slapping Nicolas Cage in the movie Moonstruck.)

So, yes, I recommend owning a nude t shirt bra because it is practical. But no, I do not recommend wearing it every day. Give your bra a break, and give yourself some variety in your lingerie wardrobe! I insist!


Monday, May 2, 2011

Friday, April 22, 2011

Sexless in Seattle?

The weather isn't the only thing dreary this month--Seattle is currently in the midst of a big ol' dry spell. Yep, I said it. Sexless in Seattle should be our new slogan. While I may lack scientific proof of my assertion, I have enough data to tell me that the locals aren't getting much action these days. My unscientific proof:

1. My friends are all in dry spells. The recent chat with girlfriends is extremely, well, rated-G. Our sig. others? Well, they would rather play "Angry Birds" on their iPhone in bed. We got no game!

2. The shop (Bellefleur) is Slow (with a capital S). Around comes April every year, and the sexy-lingerie sales dry up. What are we selling? T-shirt bras. Nude stuff. No matching sets. No garter belts. Nope, just the basics. No spring lovin' round these parts!

I have a couple theories as to why this happens each year in April. Maybe it is "tax season" stressing us all out? Something about a looming deadline takes the fun out of spontaneous sexy-time. Or the completely bi-polar and unreliable weather that throws us from depression and pulling out our vitamin D drops to downright hysteria when the sun comes out. Should I wear flip-flops or my puffy coat? Or both? Sigh...

Regardless of the reasons WHY we are in a down cycle in the boudoir, we are. Normally I would suggest a hot bath, a hotter date, and some smokin' lingerie--but I have to be honest, my mojo is on vacation until May 1. And let me tell you, May can not get here soon enough!

So just chill, and know that it's okay to spend an extra 20 minutes brushing your teeth, hoping he falls asleep. And don't worry if he decides to stay up watching a 3 year old re-run of Mythbusters instead of coming to bed with you. Enjoy your down time, and I will see you next month!


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Regina Chang Jewelry At Bellefleur

New to Bellefleur: Regina Chang Jewelry!

The fabulous designer who won the title of best Jewelry 2010 in Seattle Magazine is gracing us with some of her beautiful, natural pieces. Regina uses gorgeous pieces from nature, including stones, coral and shells, to make her jewelry unique and truly one of a kind. Her hammered metal (silver or gold) earrings are easy to wear daily, and her prices will shock you (in a good way). Her shell jewelry (not shown, pictures can't do them justice) is my absolute favorite! As are her flat Japanese-pearl earrings--perfect for summer!
Regina will hold a trunk show on June 4th during our Spring fashion show--so make sure to save the date!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Join Bellefleur Lingerie at the 4th Annual Forbidden Fashion Show at the Seattle Art Museum!

Bellefleur is thrilled to be part of the 4th Annual Forbidden Fashion Show! Come watch the best designer lingerie and swimwear strut down the catwalk at the James Bond themed event. Taking place at the Seattle Art Museum, the show offers a 7:30pm and 9:30pm show. After, join us at the Four Seasons hotel for one HOT after party! Don't delay, buy your tickets today!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New Harlequin Shipment Hath Arrived!

When in Venice, or in the mood for Italian...
Look to lounge in the new Lula Mae bra and panty set from Harlequin. Lingerie love for the busty ladies, this bra starts at a D cup and is available through G cup. Sometimes bigger is better.
$82 in store now!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Well, Hello Gorgeous!

Well, hello there. Are you new in town? What's that, just arrived from overseas? Brilliant. You really are. Jade and charcoal lace--is that right? And you come in B-G cups, really? Wow, functional, beautiful, and available now. I can't believe my luck.
Elle MacPherson Gentle Jade bra $65
Thong (pictured) or bikini $35

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Attractive Pajamas? Yes! Coming to Bellefleur...

Your spring pajama crisis is officially over! Thanks to the brand JJJ from NY. Next week we have simple, classic cotton pajamas arriving with fresh pink dahlia, blue-green bicycle and clever apple prints. They are sophisticated and comfy and the pants are nice and LONG so us tall girls won't look like we are waiting for a spring flood (petite girls can roll them up for extra cuteness). Can't wait! Arriving next week at Bellefleur!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Clean your Lingerie Drawer

Thank you to Margaret Shrum, Creator of The Lingerie Diet, for the following reminder to Spring Clean!

When is the last time you went through your lingerie drawers? Lingerie is an essential part of our wardrobe, and as with anything, planning and proper care can increase the longevity of your investment. Taking time to review, replace and develop a lingerie wardrobe can enhance your figure, simplify getting dressed each morning and enable you to look your best.
Begin by taking an inventory of what you currently own about every six months and get rid of items that don't fit or flatter your shape as well as items that are worn or stretched out.
Based on your lifestyle, consider what types of bras, underwear, shape-wear and slips you may need, plus consider treating yourself to items that you feel beautiful wearing for special occasions or everyday if that is your style. A good rule of thumb is to own at least a weeks worth of daily lingerie sets and an additional weeks worth of panties.
Take a moment to think about your current lingerie history and answer the following questions:
* What do you sleep in?
* What lingerie sizes are your currently wearing?
* What brands of lingerie do you currently wear?
* How many bras do you own?
* Do you tend to wear the same bra everyday or rotate your bras?
* Do you hand wash/ hang dry or use the washing machine/ dryer on your lingerie?
* How would you describe your personal style? Do you prefer thongs, briefs, boy-shorts?
* How does it make you feel when you wear beautiful lingerie?
* Do you tend to wear beautiful lingerie because it makes you feel good or for others?

Once you assess your current lingerie collection, you can make a shopping plan to continue building your lingerie wardrobe on a regular basis.
Check out Margaret's Ebook, Secrets of the Lingerie Diet here.
Celebrating You,
Margaret Shrum
Creator of The Lingerie Diet and the Free Circle Community

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Elle MacPherson Electric-Blue Spree

Elle MacPherson's Spree bra is available in a new color called Superhero blue--an electric blue that screams "SHOW ME!"
Think: Mardi Gras bra! Think: Showing your straps with wild abandon!
Available in sizes B-E, $62 in stock NOW!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

New Maison Close Can Can = Swoon Swoon

Seriously. I am so in love with the new Can Can line from Maison Close I don't know what to say. How can you put pure beauty, love, cleverness and sexiness in to words? I am speechless. I am taking special orders for their new catalog through Monday, when I will be ordering myself one of these little numbers below. Yum. Our love affair with Maison Close continues...

New Can Can crop bustier: $68

Suspender belt bottom: $40


xo Jen

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Jen on New Day Northwest

Jen and her visit with Margaret Larsen on New Day Northwest. Jen is schooling Margaret in the ways of lingerie procurement!
In case you missed it last week, the segment will re-air this Friday, February 11th.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Jen's Tips on New Day Northwest

Margaret Larson and the producers at New Day NW are amazing! So much fun!!

Watch Jen giving tips on how to buy gifts for Valentine's Day on New Day Northwest! Enjoy!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Why I Love Valentine's Day

Those who know me aren't surprised that I love Valentine's Day, or any celebratory day for that matter. Life is short, why not live it up? I don't subscribe to the "Hallmark Holiday" bitterness that some do. I enjoy any excuse to celebrate and rejoice at life, and LOVE!

It doesn't hurt that my husband and I have a track-record for Valentine's Day romance. When we were first dating, he made the first Valentine's Day we spent together extra-special. He had been travelling through Europe, and decided to sneak home early to surprise me. The morning of Valentine's day I awoke to a trail of chocolate Kisses that led in to my powder room. In the bathroom, I found roses EVERYWHERE. On the counter was a card that read "Now that I have showered you with flowers, and kissed the ground you walk on, will you be my Valentine?" Sigh... still the most romantic moment, to date, in my life.

I have to admit that I also became engaged to Ryan on Valentine's Day. After a lovely day of shopping (he bought me lingerie!) we sat down to eat at a delicious, casual restaurant in Le Marais district. After dinner Ryan suggested a walk, which was a chilly one due to the cool February evening in Paris. Ryan proposed to me right over the Seine on Napolean's bridge, overlooking Notre Dame, the smell of warm chestnuts in the air. How could I say no?

Pretty romantic, n'est pas? Valentine's day is all good for me, and I hope it is for you, too! Life is all about making the best memories--I hope you make some good ones this February 14th!



Thursday, January 20, 2011

What is Sexy? Aubade!

What is SEXY, really? Is it a feeling, a look, an attitude?
I think sexy is confidence. Confidence is knowing you look amazing, because you feel amazing. Sexy is purposeful--it is authenticity and poetry. And lace.
Aubade helps me feel sexy without having to try.
The new Polynesienne collection has arrived in store. Each piece is exquisite: Ribbon details, embroidery and tulle-printed mesh are calling your name...

xo Jen