Friday, September 9, 2011

Are YOU attracted to YOU - How Lingerie Can Lead to Self Love

A lot of women see lingerie as a means to an end: sex.

We all know that buying sassy lingerie can help spice-up your love-life. However, what about wearing lingerie to enhance your relationship with yourself? Eh?

Have you thought about how you treat yourself? What message are you sending yourself with your lingerie? Even if you are currently single--or not wanting to attract anyone at the moment--that's okay! How about attracting you to, ahem, yourself?

I am not talking about turning yourself on--I mean how do you feel when you put on your underwear in the morning? Inspired? Dreading the day? Numb? Excited about what the day will bring?

Consider paying a little more attention to yourself. Maybe lingerie isn't typically your thing, but just experiment for a week: pick out your lingerie in the morning as carefully as you pick out your clothes. Whether they match or not, wear something that suits your mood. Just have a positive intention about your body, femininity, and your underwear! That self care will turn in to confidence.

Confidence = sexy.

If you have any inspired stories about lingerie, please leave one below in the comment section!

xoxo Jen

Lingerie Therapy at Bellefleur Lingerie

Want to know what it's like to work with Jen at Bellefleur Lingerie? Well, here you go. This video will eventually be posted on our website, but I couldn't wait! Here's a little something I like to call--Lingerie Therapy. Enjoy!