Sunday, November 8, 2009

Tips from Underneath It All, A girl's guide to buying, wearing and loving lingerire

Directly from Chapter 4, Sizing Matters, A perfect fit for every body type.

Fit is number one on your list when it comes to buying lingerie you love, If you're bulging out in the wrong spots or you're not making the most of your God-given assets, then you need to reassess what's right for you. After all, lingerie is all about feeling good and looking sexy. The basics of great-fitting lingerie are simple:
-Choosing pieces that complement your body type and height
-Selecting lingerie that complements your breast shape and size
-Establishing your bra size, ideally with professional help
-Consider panty style
-Picking panties that complement your derriere

Women come in all shapes and sizes. It's what makes us unique, special and eternally frustrated when we can't fit into the latest designer trend.
(much more in book)
Here are some tips for you based on your body type:

Apple: Wear babydolls. They'll show off your nice legs and small booty. The best-fitting lingerie for you, Apple, tends to accentuate your ample bosom and slim legs while discreetly covering your tummy.
Pear: Wear an A-line chemise or gown that hits below the booty to create sleek lines. Pair a sheer camisole or bra with a boyshort. It will highlight your upper assets while providing coverage for your curvaceous caboose.
Hourglass: Show off your curves by wearing bra and panty sets and body-hugging teddies or chemises.
Sporty: Wear a two-piece set, such as cropped camisole with a thong, in dark or contrasting colors, to give you the illusion of curves.

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