Friday, April 22, 2011

Sexless in Seattle?

The weather isn't the only thing dreary this month--Seattle is currently in the midst of a big ol' dry spell. Yep, I said it. Sexless in Seattle should be our new slogan. While I may lack scientific proof of my assertion, I have enough data to tell me that the locals aren't getting much action these days. My unscientific proof:

1. My friends are all in dry spells. The recent chat with girlfriends is extremely, well, rated-G. Our sig. others? Well, they would rather play "Angry Birds" on their iPhone in bed. We got no game!

2. The shop (Bellefleur) is Slow (with a capital S). Around comes April every year, and the sexy-lingerie sales dry up. What are we selling? T-shirt bras. Nude stuff. No matching sets. No garter belts. Nope, just the basics. No spring lovin' round these parts!

I have a couple theories as to why this happens each year in April. Maybe it is "tax season" stressing us all out? Something about a looming deadline takes the fun out of spontaneous sexy-time. Or the completely bi-polar and unreliable weather that throws us from depression and pulling out our vitamin D drops to downright hysteria when the sun comes out. Should I wear flip-flops or my puffy coat? Or both? Sigh...

Regardless of the reasons WHY we are in a down cycle in the boudoir, we are. Normally I would suggest a hot bath, a hotter date, and some smokin' lingerie--but I have to be honest, my mojo is on vacation until May 1. And let me tell you, May can not get here soon enough!

So just chill, and know that it's okay to spend an extra 20 minutes brushing your teeth, hoping he falls asleep. And don't worry if he decides to stay up watching a 3 year old re-run of Mythbusters instead of coming to bed with you. Enjoy your down time, and I will see you next month!


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Regina Chang Jewelry At Bellefleur

New to Bellefleur: Regina Chang Jewelry!

The fabulous designer who won the title of best Jewelry 2010 in Seattle Magazine is gracing us with some of her beautiful, natural pieces. Regina uses gorgeous pieces from nature, including stones, coral and shells, to make her jewelry unique and truly one of a kind. Her hammered metal (silver or gold) earrings are easy to wear daily, and her prices will shock you (in a good way). Her shell jewelry (not shown, pictures can't do them justice) is my absolute favorite! As are her flat Japanese-pearl earrings--perfect for summer!
Regina will hold a trunk show on June 4th during our Spring fashion show--so make sure to save the date!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Join Bellefleur Lingerie at the 4th Annual Forbidden Fashion Show at the Seattle Art Museum!

Bellefleur is thrilled to be part of the 4th Annual Forbidden Fashion Show! Come watch the best designer lingerie and swimwear strut down the catwalk at the James Bond themed event. Taking place at the Seattle Art Museum, the show offers a 7:30pm and 9:30pm show. After, join us at the Four Seasons hotel for one HOT after party! Don't delay, buy your tickets today!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New Harlequin Shipment Hath Arrived!

When in Venice, or in the mood for Italian...
Look to lounge in the new Lula Mae bra and panty set from Harlequin. Lingerie love for the busty ladies, this bra starts at a D cup and is available through G cup. Sometimes bigger is better.
$82 in store now!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Well, Hello Gorgeous!

Well, hello there. Are you new in town? What's that, just arrived from overseas? Brilliant. You really are. Jade and charcoal lace--is that right? And you come in B-G cups, really? Wow, functional, beautiful, and available now. I can't believe my luck.
Elle MacPherson Gentle Jade bra $65
Thong (pictured) or bikini $35