Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Presenting Bellefleur Lingerie's Blog

I am thrilled to launch Bellefleur Lingerie’s beautiful blog; a forum in which you will be the first to discover our new brands, find updates about shop happenings, and receive entertaining and educational tips and tricks about how to look and feel fabulous in your lingerie.

Allow me to introduce Bellefleur’s staff. I am Jennifer, the owner and creator of Bellefleur. My passion for lingerie and all things pretty has led me to cultivate a shop of well-made and easily priced brands and fashions from here and abroad. My underwear-lust has inspired me to write a book, with my co-author and friend Kathy Schultz, which will be in-shop and nationwide this fall. (Much more to come on that!)

Christina is our manager, extraordinaire. A current Fashion Marketing student at the Art Institute, Christina has been with Bellefleur over a year. She is the one who suggests that your current underpinnings might fit incorrectly, only to gently guide you in to our dressing room for a new and liberating bra size. Oftentimes, she can guess what will work just at first glance! Christina is responsible for our sassy newsletters you receive every month and will be a regular contributor to the blog.

Lindsey is a new and welcome addition to our boutique. She is a talented interior designer with a long-standing appreciation for lingerie. We are lucky enough to have her part time while she grows her interior design business. If you notice changes in the shop setup or d├ęcor, you have Lindsey to thank. Check her out at

So sign up and you can look forward to juicy, fun, chic, trendy, sexy and interesting news that you can use or just peruse.