Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Simone Perele Estrella Set = Wow!

The fall 2011 collections have officially begun to arrive at Bellefleur. While I don't feel quite finished with summer yet, I can tell you that this is my absolute favorite time of year for lingerie. The fall and winter collections are exquisite. The designers bring their "A-game" this season, because men and women alike tend to buy the most detailed, lacy and delicate numbers when the weather turns chilly. I think it is because we can hide whatever we want under our 3 layers of clothing here in the Pacific Northwest. I am looking forward to ditching my practical summer bras for something lacy and impractical. Gimme.
Simone Perele Estrella bra: $110
Shorty: $65
Thong (not pictured): $50

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Braless Wonders

I was recently interviewed for Women's Health Magazine about the practicalities of going braless. My first response was don't do it! Believe me, if you go sans bra long enough, your breast can resemble funnel-cakes (and not the tasty kind that someone will stand in line for). We have all seen National Geographic! In other cultures, women do not wear bras. And indeed, their breasts show the wear-and-tear from years of freedom.

Of course you can occasionally go without underwire support. Even I enjoy my summer days with a skimpy top and no bra (thank you petite breasts). But there are rules, people! Okay, maybe there aren't really rules, but there should be

Going braless is a choice we all confront at some point in our lives. Be it that new low-back dress we are dying to wear, or that plunging neckline that nothing can hide under, fashion often dictates a bra work-around. So, here are some solutions for going bra-free:

1. Wear a soft, lace bra without underwires: Often called a bralet, these pieces mimic a half-camisole and will add style to any flowy, summer dress rather than detract from it. Some bralets and bandeau styles (with no straps) are actually supportive through a D cup.
2. Nipple covers/pasties: Available in simple, nude silicone and in bright, colorful shapes, you can have fun with this accessory. Pasties work best when you are wearing something fitted on top that provides a little support, but you just  don't want to nip-out through your top. I love Nippies for their colorful, fun, heart-shaped nipple covers. Perfect for a date night or event where you may have a wardrobe malfunction. You can spot Rhianna (pictured) and other celebs flashing their Nippies on purpose.
3. Tape 'em up!: There is special pre-shaped tape that you can buy to stick the girls up! There is a wide variety of stick on bras available. I like Sexy In Seconds strapless support pads (pictured above) because they are individual "pads" that adhere to each breast. The u-shape holds up each breast and can also create a bit of cleavage. These work through a C cup.
4. If you are a small A/B cup- you have my blessing to go braless!
5. If you are over a D cup, please, please, I beg of you, wear a strapless bra that FITS properly. I have seen so many beautiful, busty ladies this summer wearing a strapless bra that is too small for them. This causes the breasts to bulge out the sides, top, and sometimes bottom of the bra. It ruins the entire outfit. Embrace your girls and buy a strapless bra in the right size- and you will  look dynamite! Le Mystere makes phenomenal strapless bras that actually hold you  up. If you want to truly go without a bra, look for halter style dresses with thicker fabric and a secure tie behind your neck. JCrew makes some fabulous halter dresses that are sexy and supportive.

What do you think about going braless? Share your thoughts below!