Friday, January 22, 2010

InStyle and People, woo hoo!!

Bonjour lingerie enthusiasts,

I just had to share my mention in February's InStyle magazine! Page 118, Clean Thoughts. Yep, the fashion bible used moi (und UIA book) as a source!

Also, not to toot my own horn, but Bellefleur was in the latest issue of People magazine (Style Watch). They touted our Panty of the Month program! We are famous!

Cheers to a very exciting 2010!



Bra intervention via Facebook

I have recently been chatting up an old friend from high school on Facebook. She really wanted a copy of Underneath It All, so I sent her one. The messages that ensued from there are hilarious.

Her: I read your bra life expectancy. omg, I keep them till they dirty and shredding, how sad is that. And how sad is that I don't have any matching anything. This book is inspiring me…

Me: I tell her she really needs to get a bra fitting and get some new bras. She decides to sort out what she has.

Her: Okay, I am left with 3 bras: a sports bra with a hole, my racerback and a black bra that fits too tight. Oops, make that 4, I have a hand me down from my husband's Aunt which I put an extra extension on to try to make it work. My left boob overflows…

Me: I tell her to destroy her bra with the hole in it. I don’t specify how.

Her: Done, literally just threw it in the wood stove, never burned a bra before, it really got going I had to damper down the stove.

While my good friend from years past (I won’t mention how many years) is on the road to recovery, I know that lots of you need bra or underwear interventions yourself. I would love to hear your stories about the good, bad and ugly parts of your lingerie wardrobe. Malfunctions, successful purchases or scenarios. Anything. Email them to me: Let me know if I can post them in the blog and whether or not I should use your name.

xo Jen