Friday, January 22, 2010

Bra intervention via Facebook

I have recently been chatting up an old friend from high school on Facebook. She really wanted a copy of Underneath It All, so I sent her one. The messages that ensued from there are hilarious.

Her: I read your bra life expectancy. omg, I keep them till they dirty and shredding, how sad is that. And how sad is that I don't have any matching anything. This book is inspiring me…

Me: I tell her she really needs to get a bra fitting and get some new bras. She decides to sort out what she has.

Her: Okay, I am left with 3 bras: a sports bra with a hole, my racerback and a black bra that fits too tight. Oops, make that 4, I have a hand me down from my husband's Aunt which I put an extra extension on to try to make it work. My left boob overflows…

Me: I tell her to destroy her bra with the hole in it. I don’t specify how.

Her: Done, literally just threw it in the wood stove, never burned a bra before, it really got going I had to damper down the stove.

While my good friend from years past (I won’t mention how many years) is on the road to recovery, I know that lots of you need bra or underwear interventions yourself. I would love to hear your stories about the good, bad and ugly parts of your lingerie wardrobe. Malfunctions, successful purchases or scenarios. Anything. Email them to me: Let me know if I can post them in the blog and whether or not I should use your name.

xo Jen

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