Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Essentials on Video!

If you have ever wondered what you are missing from your lingerie wardrobe, watch this! Discover the 10 Essential Pieces of Lingerie that every girl should own- video style! Yes, there is a model included:)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

CLO Intimo Arrives at Bellefleur

Welcome CLO Intimo, the newest line to arrive at  Bellefleur. CLO is all hand made in Columbia, specializing in soft, wearable lace shorts and sheer, sexy mesh soft bras. CLO lingerie is the kind you can sleep in, then throw some clothes over and go out for coffee. Wearable, adorable, affordable. Ask for CLO next time you visit Bellefleur!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The 10 Lingerie Essentials Every Girl Should Own

It's not rocket science, but you would be surprised by how many lovely ladies don't have the appropriate undergarments to make it through the four seasons. If you stock your lingerie drawer with these items, you will never have a situation where you don't have the right thing to wear "under there".

1 Nude t-shirt bra: As much as I love to berate people for overusing this item, it is a must. The nude contour-cup bra will disappear under everything white and light.

2 Convertible/Strapless bra: Please, remove your straps if they are nude and don't need to be on display. Show off your blouse/shirt, instead. That is how God wants it. She told me.

3 Black lace bra & matching panty: This is the little black dress of your lingerie drawer; you will always find a need to pull it out and put it on--be it a date, an interview or a trip to the market. (feng shui that lingerie, baby!) The rule is to keep it sheer and lacy.

4 Date night bra & panty set: Think colorful, think details, think ornate. Do not wear padding on the 3rd date. The padding is not what he is after. Trust me.

5 Nude microfiber thong: Commando makes the BEST microfiber, invisible thong. You can wear it under almost anything. White maxi dress, white shorts, paper thin trousers--YES YOU CAN!

6 Camisole: Have a snug-fitting cami on hand to layer under anything that is see-through, too short, or when too much cleavage is showing up at the wrong time.

7 Hosiery - black tights & sheer hosiery: You should own a pair of black tights (duh) and a pair of sheer, preferably nude, hosiery. If you can't stand nude hosiery, buy nude fishnets, or nude thigh-highs with seams up the back to feel a little more va-va-va-voom.

8 Bias cut slip/chemise: This is a must have to throw on under transparent dresses in the summer. This piece will also make the perfect nighty for sleepovers--"What, this old thing? Yep, that's just how I roll...."

9 Shapewear/control device: Keep a pair of Spanx or control-tops on hand in case you buy something clingy and don't want to show off all the junk in your trunk, muffin-top, etc.

10 Robe: People, do not wear your sweatshirt 'round the house. Wear a robe. It is classier! You can find lots of kimono-style robes that have shorter sleeves so you can still cook, type and drink wine without dipping your sleeves in anything.

I will have the webinar of this lesson up shortly for those of you who prefer a good talkin' to online. Till then!

PS This list is from my book Underneath It All, a girl's guide to buying, wearing and loving lingerie. Check it out!