Friday, October 2, 2009

Underneath It All has launched!

I am proud to announce that Underneath It All has finally been released in to the world as of October 1st. My co-author Kathy Schultz and I are the proud parents of a very sassy, educational and fun book.

The book retails for $13.95 and addresses anything and everything lingerie related. From how to look slimmer under your clothes, to revealing your lingerie style, we have got you covered. We share the 10 essential pieces every girl should own, and reveal how to dress for sex-cess in the bedroom!

We have already been written up in NY, Tulsa, Charlotte and Seattle, and that's just the start! Feel free to check out our website: and you can find it for sale at Borders, Barnes and Noble, and of course, Bellefleur Lingerie in Fremont.

This week we appeared on King 5 Morning news on Kong. Next week Kathy will be in studio on Chat with Women radio and I will be on Movin 92.5 hanging out in the Ladies Room.

For those of you who joined us at Black Bottle for our launch party, thank you for celebrating with us! We had a blast and are glad you could share the night with us!

More to come….