Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Simone Perele Estrella Set = Wow!

The fall 2011 collections have officially begun to arrive at Bellefleur. While I don't feel quite finished with summer yet, I can tell you that this is my absolute favorite time of year for lingerie. The fall and winter collections are exquisite. The designers bring their "A-game" this season, because men and women alike tend to buy the most detailed, lacy and delicate numbers when the weather turns chilly. I think it is because we can hide whatever we want under our 3 layers of clothing here in the Pacific Northwest. I am looking forward to ditching my practical summer bras for something lacy and impractical. Gimme.
Simone Perele Estrella bra: $110
Shorty: $65
Thong (not pictured): $50

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