Thursday, May 26, 2011

LA Face with an Oakland Booty

"Oh my gosh, Becky, look at her butt...'s just so big, it's just so round!"

Bless Sir Mix A Lot for making the big booty appreciated by ALL! You must admit, there is nothing quite like a nice, big, juicy butt.
Those of you who attended the Forbidden fashion show last weekend at the SAM, were, no doubt, in awe of the models' back-sides. One model, in particular, had a derriere that defied the laws of gravity. One of my customers who attended the event (shout out to S.H.) was recently in the shop speaking affectionately about this model's wonderfully round caboose. She was saying that she couldn't stop thinking about the model's butt. She was joking that she wants to take it home and use it as a pillow. I think she was joking? But maybe not!
Yes, indeed, there is nothing wrong with some junk in the trunk. These days, it is celebrated, not shunned. So ladies- shake what your Mama gave you. No use hiding it, your booty is here to stay.

Scientific question for y'all. Are you a butt or boob lady/dude? Why?

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