Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I Love You Man and Dude Don't Buy THAT!

I have to admit something: I have a crush on my (collective) male customers. I love that my boys chat with me about their gal's habits (good and bad), share with me that they are trying for baby #2 (yay!!)--or that, due to baby #2, the mrs. isn't showing any love. Sigh. I love you guys!

I am here for you all to guide you in making the RIGHT selection for the right occasion. For example, I recently had a young man enlist me for help choosing lingerie for his wife-to-be. He thought lingerie would make a nice wedding present. So, upon going down the list of his wants, her needs, etc. it came out that this was his first lingerie purchase for her (awesome!). Then it came out that he wanted a nips-out bra (not awesome!). Here is the deal, dudes, if you are making your very first lingerie purchase for your lady, do not buy anything that is 1) slutty or 2) kinky. Now, there is absolutely nothing wrong with slutty or kinky lingerie--if that is your thing, go for it! However, if this is your first gift of undergarments, you want to relay a level of adoration and respect for your sweetie, not hoochy mama slash stripper fantasy.

So, here is the truth. Buy her something classy and sexy. You can find lots of beautiful, lacey, sheer numbers that will delight you both. Better to be safe than sorry (seriously) when giving the gift of lingerie.

For y'all working on baby #2 (or 3), it is an entirely different story. You can be as creative as you want to be, with my full support.

PS Did you know that Bellefleur offers personal shopping via phone? You nab her sizes, ring us 206-545-0222, we pick and ship. She will swoon and give you a fashion show. We will give you all the credit!



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