Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Are You in a Nude T Shirt Bra Coma? Snap Out of It!

Okay, really, I don't haaate nude t shirt bras. In fact, the first bra I ever bought that cost more than 60 bucks was a nude t shirt bra. I remember that Ryan (my hubby) was so shocked that I bought a nude bra, he actually kind of thought it was sexy. Weird, huh? So, that lasted a couple months, until he noticed that the "new" bra was taking over as my daily driver bra. "Um, are you wearing that bra, again?" Yup. It's nude. It goes under anything. It's worn in. You bet I am wearing it!

Here lies the rub. It is a great invention--the nude, contour-cup bra that makes your girls look perfectly round and non-nipply under your knit shirt, top, what have you. But, and this is a big but (I know a big but when I see one), you do not have to wear that bra under everything you own. You do NOT. You just don't need to. In fact, when you slip in to the nude t shirt bra coma, wearing it day-in and day-out, regardless of your clothing, it is almost like you are on auto pilot. You don't even consider what you are going to wear under there. You just grab the same ol' bra, knowing it will do the trick, no matter what.

Never mind your perfectly good black lace bra, or your fancy polka-dot bra you bought on sale that was sooooo cute and you feel sooooo cute wearing. You aren't wearing those. You are wearing nude. I am here to slap you out of your nude t shirt bra coma. Snap out of it ! (Picture Cher slapping Nicolas Cage in the movie Moonstruck.)

So, yes, I recommend owning a nude t shirt bra because it is practical. But no, I do not recommend wearing it every day. Give your bra a break, and give yourself some variety in your lingerie wardrobe! I insist!


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