Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Bellefleur Lingerie Book Club: All You Need to Be Impossibly French by Helena Frith Powell. Discussion Four

It has been so much fun reading "All You Need to Be Impossibly French" by Helena Frith Powell!  We've loved hearing your thoughts and sharing your feelings on the book.  Do you feel French?  :)  Whether or not you may or may not adapt to the French lessons we've learned about health, love, and life of a Parisian....one thing is for sure:
French women have a certain "je ne sais quoi" that can not be denied.  Here are some of the French women that have inspired us over the years....
In conclusion we would like to open this discussion to YOU, our friends and fellow language lovers.  What were your favorite parts, ideas, or quotes from this book and why?  Thanks for reading with us and we look forward to our next literary adventure together! xx Bellefleur





  1. Those ladies are truly THE perfect French icons. They all certainly do have that special something. What I am learning about the French way, is that it is all about prioritizing self-care so that life and beauty routine is taken care of on a foundational level, instead of a surface level. That way they know that part is all under control so they can just relax, love, and live with ease. As opposed to focusing on just the showy, surface level aspects of life like we tend to do as Americans. However, how to actually achieve that ease I think will always be a mystery, which is why the French keep us so intrigued…. Oh well! it won’t stop me from trying!

  2. Merveilleux ! It has been so fun reading this book with your shop. Every night I would crawl into my bed with my kindle, delighted to hear all the thoughts and advice from the French. I do, I do feel more French. ;) Merci Beaucoup!

  3. I was a little late in starting but I did read the book! Several points struck me. But the one to which I keep returning is the necessity of wearing a set. To be sure, I choose my under garments with intent every single day. But it is not always a set. Sometimes I want to wear my black bra with bright turquoise panties! And even though I do it for me, I think it could be quite appreciated by someone who gets a peek.

    Unless I missed it, there is one thing that did not come up in the book. I have two dear friends, both French women, who insist that one should always buy two panties to match their bra. I was surprised to not see that mentioned. Or perhaps it is so obvious that it need not be discussed overtly? LOL... I am happy with one! And for the one bra I have with no matching panties, I will forever regret that decision and I will never make the same mistake again!

    Thank you Belle Fleur!


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