Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Bellefleur Lingerie Book Club: All You Need to Be Impossibly French by Helena Frith Powell. Discussion Three

We must admit, Chapter 7 took us for a loop!  This particular chapter addresses women's relationships with other women.  The Chapter begins with a Coco Chanel quotes stating, "My friends, there are no friends."  Several french women in this chapter state that not only is hanging out with a bunch girls "boring", but eventually one of them will try to sleep with your husband.

You may see two good friends meeting at a cafe for lunch, however in France you won't see a large group of girls going out together like you would in the USA. Here at Bellefleur, we spend so many long hours in the shop sharing stories, laughs, and our lives with other women!  It's surprising to find out that women in France play so much defense in their relationships with other women.  What do you think?

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Do you think this is a fair assessment of French women?  Do you find that the women in your lives support or hinder you from having a healthy romantic relationship?


  1. I love my girlfriends! I don't know what I would do without them. I'm defnitely that kind of woman that likes to keep her close friends #s on one hand...friends just for the sake of having friends isn't my thing. However, whenever I lose my feet, whether it's work related, romance, or just life- it's my girlfriends that bring me back to myself.

  2. Every girl needs a few great female friends! I don't know that it's necessary to always be going out and making a stereotypical statement by acting crazy with a huge group of girls (while it's sometimes fun, it also can be pretty obnoxious and I can totally see where French women are coming from) but a close, trusting relationship with another woman is something that is so specific and important. Even if you and your man are best friends, there are just some things you need your girls for- after all, women know women best! Still, there is something kind of juvenile about hanging out in a huge group of girls. After graduating from college and growing up a bit, it now seems way more realistic and fun to be with a few peope who I really enjoy. Building a relationship with a significant other does become incredibly important, and it's something that I've found to be much more rewarding and much more interesting. At the end of the day, I know I can trust my girl friends because I choose them wisely! That's hard to do if you go out with 20 girls. No worrying about anyone stealing anyone's boyfriend if you are all close, true friends!

  3. I agree with both ladies above. I do love my 'girlfriend time', but I can see how a huge group of screaming girls is obnoxious. (Well, a huge group of screaming anything is obnoxious!!) I have had several French girlfriends throughout the years, and there was never any thought or mention of stealing the other's boyfriend or husband... so I don't know, I'm sure it just depends on the French woman herself... but I would seriously miss it if I couldn't trust another female enough to dish honestly about everything in life!


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