Friday, April 5, 2013

Bellefleur Lingerie Book Club: All You Need to Be Impossibly French by Helena Frith Powell. Discussion One

Welcome to the Bellefleur Book Club!  With every book, we'd like to post a few thoughts and questions we have been contemplating here at the shop.  Please share your own thoughts and feelings on this forum.  Each book will span over a two months and over the course of those two we will post 4 discussion questions.  So here we go....

In Chapter Two, Zen Exercise, the topic of exercise is raised.  In several cases the idea is implemented that American women exercise and French women move.  Here is a bit from Sylvie, one of Helena's French friends from Montpellier:

"I just move," she tells me. "If it's a choice between stairs and life, I take the stairs. I get up earlier in the morning so I can cycle to work instead of driving. Moving is part of my everyday life."

Several women in the book say that their idea of exercise includes chasing after their children, cycling, shopping, and even sex. Is this "physical culture" the secret to why most French women stay so  fit and slim? Maybe so.

What do you think of the difference between the way French and American women diet and exercise?  We would love to hear your thoughts....xx.


  1. I like this whole idea of "physical culture." I myself have never been a fan of gyms. I like taking a bike ride, walking to work, or spending the day browsing through the library or museums. It's a beautiful concept to move throughout your day and not feel like you have to put time into the gym in order to look good. Dancing, walking, a leisurely bike ride through the park, and sex as exercise?? Sign me up! :)

  2. I agree! I read a letter from an editor in a magazine once and she said something the struck a chord with me...and I'm reminded again...

    "The world turns, each second unique, and the happiest are the one's that can roll with it."

    This chapter inspires me to move more- it's so important.

  3. While I love the idea of inspiring others to move, I think that might be a little of a sterotype. As an American woman, I'm moving all the time! Sure, American's might have more gym memberships but my girlfriends and I are movers and shakers! Now... I do like this whole new thought of making the bedroom the workout room ;) Love the book!

  4. Bathing suit seasons is coming- I better get moving!

  5. I think this principle applies to the rest of the world, not just the French. Ancient citites were designed to be walked and that is prevalent in their culture. Stateside we design destination malls for to be convienent bbut we drive to and try to minimize our effort. The rest of the world prefers to walk (stroll even!) amongst their local township and shop that way. ABM is my motto- Always Be Moving.... Even sitting at my desk, just bouncing my legs, parking farthest away from the door, legs raises and the such, I love the idea of Zen working out!!! Always a walk after dinner to help digest as well, very Francais! :)

    1. Always be moving- love this! This chapter was such a good reminder to stay healthy and active, just in time for spring :)

      xx Bellefleur

  6. When in France, a bit over a year ago, I saw numerous women riding bikes. I've ridden a bike for years, but only with "biking gear" and I learned that I can wear a skirt and boots and ride, and not have a problem at all!


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