Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Lacy Bra

If you've been inside Bellefleur Lingerie Boutique, you know we like pretty bras. Correction, we LOVE pretty bras! Often ladies will write off bras of a more decorative nature due to the preconceived idea that their bra should be plain and practical. Who says?!! 
Here at the shop, we have a wide range of bras that not only make you feel gorgeous but lay invisibly under your clothing. Just because the bra is lacy, doesn't mean your lace will show. Mimi Holiday, Simone Perele, Huit, and so many of our lovely vendors make lace that lays flat or even as a graphic print so you still get that seamless look! 
If you have other reasons on why you don't where lacy bras, here are a few of the most commonly stated concerns we hear in the shop, and our reality check on how to boot those boring bras for good!

Reason: "They're too itchy."

Reality: Bras are often stiff when they are new. Always wash your bra before you wear it, which will allow the garment to soften up and remove any starch. FYI, often due to shipping overseas, bras are glazed in starch and 1 in 4 women have a starch allergy. This can be removed immediately by washing it. Lace does not mean scratchy, in fact lace is often very soft. So, in conclusion...wash your bra!

Reason: "I don't want the lines to show under clothing."

Reality:  There are so many options with graphic prints and flat lace. Lace doesn't mean lace that shows. When you come to try on bras- bring two or three shirts that you would typically wear in your closet. Try your shirt over each bra to make sure you like the way it looks in your clothes. You can also easily add a camisole layer to most outfits, eliminating any bra line worries entirely!

Reason: "I have no one to wear them for."

Reality:   Yes you do. YOU. It may seem silly, but your underwear can set the tone for the whole day. Taking the time to treat yourself to something that makes you feel pretty can make you feel more confident throughout your day. Who knows where that confidence can lead?! 
We hope this post inspires you to wear beautiful lingerie everyday to inspire yourself!  xx Bellefleur

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