Thursday, December 27, 2012

Happy New Year from Bellefleur Lingerie!


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1.      Wear beautiful pajamas. Out of yoga pants & old tshirts! Clothes for gardening should not be the same as sleeping.  Waking up in something you feel beautiful in is an excellent way to end the evening and start your morning.

2.      Wear matching bra/panty sets. Even if the bottom is a hanky-panky in a matching color.  When you buy a bra, buy the thong AND panty option or buy a couple of the same bottom. 

3.      Sexy hosiery & garter belts for everyday. Take risk and be adventurous with your lingerie, it's the best way to inspire yourself.

4.      Stop putting lingerie in the dryer. Buy a separate, smaller bin to put next to your hamper for delicates. Wash them separately on delicate cycle, and/or in mesh bag, & hang to dry. General rule: nothing purchased from Bellefleur should be put in the dryer!

5.      Clean out lingerie drawer. If it doesn't make you feel good, get rid of it.  Clean out ill-fitting bras, thongs that cut into you on the sides and anything that doesn’t make you feel sexy or cute.  Remove one, replace one is a good rule for cleaning out our drawer without breaking the bank.

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