Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Setting the mood...

 Going on vacation and packing some sexy lingerie is always fun and a good way to spice up a relationship!  HOWEVER, you can create a little spice in your own home by following a few of our tricks on how to set the mood in your bedroom.  Here's how to prepare your bedroom for a little romantic getaway without packing your bag...

1.  Clean up, nice and tidy. Dust bunnies are not romantic! Neither is a pile of laundry on the floor.  Allowing the space to be free of clutter will help you and your sweetie relax and spend the evening only thinking of each other.
2.  Lighting. Light your favorite scented candle or a scent that smells like an ocean getaway. Play music. Dim the lights and keep some massage oil by the bed. 
 3.  Nice linens.  Make sure you have fresh sheets that feel soft and silky to touch. 
4.  Avoid Interruptions with preparation- Get a lock on the door, hire a babysitter, turn off your cell phones.
5Beautiful lingerie. But of course ;)
 We hope you and yours enjoy these little tips...for more lingerie inspiration check out our pinterest @


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