Saturday, June 6, 2009

New at Bellefleur- Kamasutra

We know, as soon as you even hear the word Kamasutra, you start grinning just a little to yourself. Well you can stop grinning and start smiling because Bellefleur now carries some salacious Kamasutra goodies.

First I have a couple questions for you. Have you ever wanted to have a little body paint fun? Do you like chocolate? Kamasutra has combined the two and with thier chocolate body paint that we carry, it's sure to sweeten up your life behind closed doors. For those who think chocolate is better than sex, here's a way to indulge in your two favorite passions at once. Open the lid of this beautiful box and behold delicious chocolate body paints. Brush this incredibly rich treat onto someone you love to love, then create a delicious masterpiece on any part of the body. We offer the individual package as well as a package of three. These are perfect for gifts and even better just to pick one up for a date night.

Note: Refrigerate after opening; to reheat, microwave briefly on a low setting or place the jar in warm water - if there's any left over!

If you thought that was fun. Check this out. Surprise every kiss with nature's sweetest gift: natural honey. Dust these incredibly fine powders onto a lover, leaving a silky-soft glow, a delicate fragrance and an irresistible lure. Each beautifully decorated canister includes a powder-filled satin pouch and a handmade feather applicator to tickle more than the imagination. Honey Dust may also be used as a daily body powder or a fragrant addition to bed sheets.

And last but certainly not least we are offering you a Treasure Trove. It includes Full sizes of Kama Sutra Strawberries & Champagne Oil of Love, Strawberries & Champagne Honey Dust with feather applicator, and Strawberries & Champagne Stimulating Pleasure Balm. This treasure trove is a perfect gift for a special occasion or simply just because. Forget the flowers, this will turn any frown upside down.

Limited stock at Bellefleur so hurry in to get your Kamasutra fix and sweeten up your life.

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